Anonymous asked:
what kind of lens do you have on the camera?

Smc Pentax -m 1:1.7 50mm brah

Anonymous asked:
The real question is.. Soft or hard tacos?


but seriously 

The idea of hard tacos is way cooler, but so annoying when they break.

I prefer soft tacos because it is wayyyy easier to use.  

but its food so ill eat whatever is in front of me. 

unless its haggis or something………. (shout out to my sis in Scotland) 

Anonymous asked:
what film camera+lens do you use and what film do you use?

I use a pentax k-1000 and it is the raddest thing ever

and i use either portra400 or kodak ultramax film 

the other week, a police officer pulled me over for a drug test and then searched my whole car for drugs (I do not touch drugs of any sort). When he opened up my centre console he found rolls of film and started interrogating me about them to see if they were drugs . sooooo beware of that.

finns-original asked:
you're blog is sweet! and the song is sick too!! :P

Thanks!! They are my little bedroom recordings :)
Sometimes I think life would be better with a tail…..

Do you even cold press?
surfandseaa asked:
Nice blog and photos, following! Check out my uploads if you get a chance, cheers :-)

Thanks, I try :) loving your blog. I like it so much that I might just delete my account……… Well done. You’ve won.

Anonymous asked:
what city do you live in? it looks like a lovely place xx

I live on the Sunshine Coast Queensland :) it Tis quite delightful. Come for a visit and I’ll show ya around! Unless you are secretly an alien that wants to take over………….0_0

waxing up 
Kirsty Higgison
let film roll on
life is for the living so live it, or your better off dead.
Ellie Higgison 
let film roll on
so-flo asked:
really enjoy your blog!

Thank you!
One time my sisters tricked me into eating custard that was off for 2weeks.

luucccaaaa asked:
Lovely photos, glad I followed

:) thanks! Stoked you love ma snaps! Love your blog too !

Anonymous asked:
left your blog open for an age just to have the music in the background, much love and good vibes brosef x

Thanks! Good to know someone is vibing on my bedroom recordings xo

Duvin design co. 

let film roll on
hanging 10 
let film roll on
Lachlan Mckenzie busting 5